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Hello and welcome to Jazzycat Exotics Cattery. My name is Marsha Johnson and I have a small in home cattery, conveniently located near several airports in Southern California. I breed and show Exotic cats and show exclusively in CFA. My goal is to produce healthy, loving show quality cats that meet CFA standards. To that end, my cats are raised in my home as valuable members of my family. On occasion I do have cats that are available as pets or possibly to other show or breeder homes. My lines include Parti Wai EX, D’Eden Lover, Parti Wai, Divinity, Kis’Herbas, Floricats, Sarthilda and Farallon.

Although I’ve had a cat most of my life, I had never been to a cat show until 2012 when I attended my first CFA show in Santa Monica. I had recently lost my beloved flame point Himilayan, Dutchess due to renal failure and while my heart wasn’t sure it was ready to love another kitty again, I fell in love with a darling 4 month old blue and white female Long Haired Exotic who I named Mia. She was being offered for sale as a pet by what later was to become my mentor, friend and ultimately breeding partner, Penni Richter of Parti Wai EX. Penni offered to show me how to bath and groom my cat and I spent much time at her home learning as much as I could. Penni was kind enough to allow me to try me hand at showing Mia and while we did ok, I was taken in by the excitement of the show hall and began the search for a short haired kitten that I could show. Boy was that a hard thing to do!! It took about a year before I was able to find a breeder who was willing to take a chance and sell one of their babies to me. To that end I will always be grateful to Penni for bridging the gap for me to get my precious girl Diva from Donna Dzienisiewski of Divinity Persians/Exotics. All credit goes to these two ladies for producing the fine lines that went into Jazzycat Exotics.

Jazz-Min and RudyIn late Novemeber 2013 I purchased my first Exotic Short Hair show kitten and from the moment I saw Diva’s blue and white bobble head, I loved her! We had a ton of fun our first year showing. She was a great kitty to travel with and I have many fond memories of the fun and excitement we had while showing. Not to mention the new friends we made along the way. Diva did very well and was Region 5’s 23 Best Kitten in 2013-14. Now for sure I was bitten by the show hall bug! Off in search of another cat…

After Granding Diva in 2014 and having trouble getting another cat/kitten to show I was told I would just have to bred one for myself since no one would want to sell me one. Penni was kind enough to sell me one of her young males, Parti Wai Ex Mystical who is now my foundation male and it wasn’t long before I entered the world of breeding. Thank goodness that my first litter was with Mia and Jazz and that Mia was such an exceptional, attentive loving mother. She made it all look easy! Once Diva was old enough she was bred to Jazz. Jazz and Diva together have produced some exceptional kittens. In addition, I was fortunate enough to purchase another beautiful blue cream girl, Nori, from Divinity Cattery. Nori has also produced several award winning boys.

At the beginning of 2015 I was able to lease several cats and entered into the crazy, rewarding but stressful world of raising babies. Like any protective mom, I worried over each little one and probably held on to them way too long so my goal of showing cats was a little stalled in 2015. I hit the show hall late in the year and managed to achieve two Regional wins and Grand 5 of my boys during the 2015-16 season.

Whats in store for 2016-17? I’m now seeing the results of my boys siring their first babies. I’m really looking forward to seeing how my breedings will do in the show hall later this year and also to seeing what offspring will be produced. So far so good with a Willie G litter

I want to thank all the people along the way who have helped me, guided me, answered my endless questions, overlooked my mistakes, and encouraged me along the way. Showing cats is not easy and can often be disappointing but with great friends along the way, it still is a wonderful hobby to enter into.

I need to also give a big shout out to Penni Richter and Donna Dzienisiewski , I will always be indebted to each of you for all you’ve done along the way. Any awards or recognition achieved along the way goes to both these ladies for producing the lines that went into these kitties!


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